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Visual Management Solution

Andon systems for industries


Transport / Automotive



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Visual Management Solution

Supply chain reactivity

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Applications - Visual Management

Système Andon

Andon Systems

Andon system highlights workstations meeting abnormalities and/or showing production state for better efficiency and productivity. For a real time system, digital tools allow visual and acoustic alerts.

Management Visuel Numérique

Digital Visual Management

Digital visual management allows information access in real time for a modern, efficient and reactive lean organization. For an effective system, committed management to the workforce is needed.

Activities - A « whole » product Visibility - Reactivity - Performance



Rich of references in different manufacturing sectors, we assist and advise our customers in their implementation of lean projects linked to digital visual management.



As a result of 10 years experience in supply chain, the software is composed of functional modules linked to a scope of applications and easily configurable to your organization.



Our industry expertise has allowed us to select a range of digital products for your visual management project and andon system.

Our Customers Industry Aeronautics / Railway / Transport / Logistics

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