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Visual Management Solution

Andon systems for industries


Transport / Automotive



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Visual Management Solution

Supply chain reactivity

Andon calls

Takt time


Indicators (KPI) & Reports

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Applications - Visual Management

Système Andon

Andon Systems

Andon System is composed of tools for visual and acoustic alerts. It highlights workstations meeting abnormalities and/or showing production state in real time for better efficiency and productivity

Management Visuel Numérique

Digital Visual Management

Digital methods for lean organization using visual and acoustic real time information for better reactivity and performance in manufacturing

Offers - Industries & Logistics Visibility - Reactivity - Performance

AndonPack Light

AndonPack Light

Andon Pack includes all features essential for reactive management of a production line. The system is equiped of light columns, pick to light, remote controls, screen for takt time display, indicators of production, alerts, downtime analysis

Andon Dashboard

Andon Dashboard

Web digital signage solution to create display and diffuse meaningful data for production monitoring



DPC Engineering assists companies in manufacturing industries in the implementation of digital visual management and andon system in real time - Aeronautics, aerospace, automovie, railway, agroequipment, tractors, etc.

Our Customers Industry Aeronautics / Railway / Transport / Logistics

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