Services and IT development Digital Visual Management

Rich of references in different manufacturing sectors, we assist and advise our customers in their implementation of lean projects linked to digital visual management.

With our expertise in Information Technology and automation, we also respond to specific development project or integration needs for a system adapted to your organization.

Main phases of a project:
A project consists in various stages for a plug and play system.

1. CONSULTING: Organizational analysis and specific solutions

2. ENGINEERING: Functional analysis and
project engineering

test on a specific area

4. MAINTENANCE: Remote maintenance and latest feature release


Industries expansion

Thanks to our previous references in the automotive industry, we successfully manage the implementation of  lean manufacturing tools dedicated to digital visual management in broader industries : long cycle industries (aerospace and railway), in smaller scale enterprises (SMEs), and in logistics.

Functionalities expansion

The range of functionalities also grows and answer new demands : internal communication, flow supply management, kitting/picking, entrance/exit flows.


New demands from industrials come from:


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